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About MailCampaigns

Generating more revenue by better leads

By connecting with your database making personalistion possible, with a webshop automating your e-mail marketing to effortless procure new leads.

MailCampaigns features

E-mail marketing for your webshop

  • improve traffic on your website by custommade campaigns.
  • create brand awareness by a strategically sound taactic.
  • improve your lead quality by utilizing our knowledge.
  • generate more revenue by adjusting and measuring conversions

MailCampaigns pricing

adjusted for your needs

within Mailcampaigns support is differentiated in 3 different service levels:

  • licensed: use our platform for a fixed price every month

  • support: use our platform for a fixed price every month, and pay for additional support like marketing.

  • Project: for a agreed upon timeframe we will bundle our software and services.

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